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Reasons Your House May Not Be Selling

Posted by kibomabo on October 13, 2017
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The houses around yours are selling like hot cakes but yours is still on the market? What is it about your house that you just can’t seem to get a buyer? Many people have asked these question in frustration but there are some simple answers. This week we share with you reasons why your house may not be selling.

1. You’re working with the wrong agent

You may think otherwise, but don’t underestimate the power of an agent. As a home seller, you are most likely trying to save costs and get the best deal by hiring a discount or inexperienced agent. But as usual, you get what you pay for. It is important to get a seasoned agent who will be dedicated to sell your home for the right price.

2. Your house is overpriced

There’s nothing quite as humbling as coming to the realization that your priced possession is overpriced. Setting the correct asking price for your house can make or break the deal and determine how long your house sits on the market. Ensure that you have a reputable agent who is able to determine the correct value of your home.

3. Your home needs some TLC

If you consider selling your house for a premium, it is advisable to make sure it also looks the part. Although it’s a bitter pill to swallow it is advisable to make the proper assessments and renovations to your house if you want to sell for the full asking price. Make sure your amenities and appliances are up to date and comparable to the other properties for sale in your set price range.

4. Bad first impression

As a seller, it is easy for you to overlook things in your house, but a buyer may not easily overlook these things. This doesn’t mean you need to spend millions of shillings on renovations, but make sure you take notice of curb appeal. Since this is the first thing your potential buyer sees, always make sure the front garden of your house is well groomed.

5. The pictures didn’t say a thousand words

Using listing sites such as Kibomabo can hep a great deal in getting leads. But the selling point will come in the pictures. If your pictures don’t match what sellers are seeing in person, this may be a problem. More importantly, if the pictures potential buyers are seeing are not pleasing to the eye, there will be no incentive for them to even bother making an appointment for a showing.

6. Unrealistic expectations

It’s easy to be overconfident in a seller’s market as there is a high demand and low supply in property. This can easily make you as a seller have unrealistic expectations that your property will sell no matter how high the listing price is. As previously stated, it is very important to have your property correctly valued and priced. When your asking price for your house is above the market value, you are potentially pricing your property out and missing out on potential buyers.

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